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    We carefully select our yarns, paying particular attention to fiber content, durability, sustainability, cost, customer feedback and how they will work with certain designs and styles.


    Our yarn selection includes recycled fibers, acrylic & synthetic fibers and a wide variety of natural fibers (wool, mohair, cotton, bamboo, alpaca and soy). We also provide a selection of yarns which are a blend of synthetic and natural fibers, producing hats with the advantages of natural yarns (such as warmth) with ease of care. Our list of yarns changes as suppliers discontinue certain products, new yarns are introduced into the market and our customers make recommendations. The yarns we choose include a variety of weights from light to super bulky. Our unique "confetti" hats feature faux fur, ruffled, feathered and textured yarns. The softness of a hat will vary by fiber content and how the yarn is made. Hats made from yarns particularly soft are noted in their description.


    The care and cleaning each hat is dependent on fiber content and the hat style. In general, we recommend hats be hand washed cold/gentle and air dried. Additional suggestions for care are included in the CARING FOR YOUR HANDMADE ITEM link. Care recommendations and suggestions are listed in hat descriptions and sent with each order shipment.



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