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    Our handmade headwear includes hats, headbands and hair ties.



    HAIR TIES are created on sturdy bands with remnants of left over year used to create our hats. A large selection is available in a variety of color combinations.




    Our HEADBANDS are hand crocheted in super bulky, soft acrylic yarns in a variety of colors.



    We offer 4 general styles of hats. Please note that available sizes will differ with each style hat.





    1. Simple Beanies which are simple crocheted beanies.
    2. Accordian Beanies are crocheted in a stitch which features great stretchibility.
    3. Baggie Beanies are longer beanies and feature a "slouchy" look often worn loose and bunched. The length of our baggie beanies can be customized by special request.




    Earflap hats are a combination of our beanie style with earflaps and detachable ties.





    Our Caps feature a beanie style body with a stiff bill attached in the front.

    1. Accordian Caps are accordian beanies with a bill attached.
    2. Baggie Caps are baggie beanies with a bill attached.




    Brimmed hats are beanies with a brim surrounding the entire hat.




    Each style is stitched in a specific DESIGN or pattern. Examples include our granny square flower motifs, different striped patterns and solids with contrasting trims. Customers are welcome to customize designs by requesting specific colors and/or the arrangements of patterns.


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